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Agrilend: Who We Are and What We Do

Agrilend has been in business for over 24 years, first registered as Servicios Financieros de Agricultura, S.A. in Colombia. Agrilend extended its growth incorporating four other entities controlled by the Colombian Parent company to be domiciled in The United States of America, the first being Agriculture Services & Supply, Inc., registered as a for profit corporation in Florida in November 1, 1994 and then its financing lending operation Agricultural Mortgage Company of America, LLC License Number ML0100663 incorporated on the May 1 of 2001. In 2013, Agrilend, restructured one of its United States offices to be based in Kirkland Washington under JVC Ventures for its reserch and development facility and more recently in 2018 restructured its financial underwriting office to be incorporated again in Florida as Agrilend, Inc. located at 1845 NW 20th Street Miami FL 33140 in a predominantly rural industrial commercial development strategically in obscurity with other warehouse satellite offices near Tamiami Executive Airport, formerly known until 2014 as Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport, which is a public airport in unincorporated Miami Dade County, Florida, 13 miles southwest of Downtown Miami. It is operated by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department.

Agrilend let its Commercial Lending license to expire in August 31 of 2002 to assume more the business model utilized in Private Equity and not just restricted to the banking regulations of commercial lending. Primarily the business model now connects Distressed American Farms and Agricultural Enterprises to highly specialized equity, mezzanine, debt financing utilizing no interest loans backed by stock purchase agreements collateralized by a process of hypothecation through the Federal Home Loan Bank and matching those funds with the MERCOSUR, a Latin American Agricultural Private Political Committee, which functions more like a Cooperative, whom now has a vested interest in American Agriculture after researching the medical applications of American based Cannabis not for recreational use but for medical applications instead of commercial synthetic compounds. Agrilend is focused on restructuring and investing in the American Agricultural Business sector particularly in CBD,Hemp, or Cannabis for the application of medical cures to treat certain medical conditions. Because of this reason, Agrilend prefers private dealings with like minded individuals who are against commercialized synthetic compounds or pharmaceutical business models who are in joint commission with the Food and Drug Administration. We are also proud to say we have aided the war against drugs by cooperating with the T.E.A. The Traffic Enforcement Agency of Colombia.

Within providing superior loans and the opportunity for membership associations, your success is our end game.

Our main aim is to find your business the best means towards getting a prompt and highly superior loan from one of the many associations that we have established within the lending and investment world.  Over the years we have been fortunate to built strong long-term alliances with several highly prestigious private investment individuals and groups.  Within this, we are able to exploit these and other valuable related resources for your benefit.

We succeed by bringing you the capitalization for success that you need now.

We welcome you to contact us today for more information on our loan programs and how to proceed.  Through supporting your needs in this area for best success, do we find our success.

At Agrilend we strive for a mutuality of success that evolves beyond business to create true alliances and true lasting relationships.